OPP Intro Remix

Merry Christmas, boys.

First, Of Pixels and Polygons Intro (Vocals Remix):

And, here’s a revised version with Travis’s suggested changes:

Then without vocals:

Also, tracks for the movie:

First up, Jacket Despair. Travis, this starts at 02:16. The big rumbly note should hit right on the smash to black.

Next, Wandering Part 1. This one should start just as (or maybe the tiniest fraction of a second after) we come out of the black screen following the previous track. It might overlap the very last bit of the fadeout of the previous one. That’s fine.

Here’s the Opening. Starts with about 20 seconds for the voice over, the rest should run right up the moment the record stops playing.

Last track! This is Phil Collins and Lisa Simpson at Hyrule Castle. It starts right after the edit to Rhett walking away after starting the second side of the record.