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Hi! I’m Baylor.

I’m a communications manager, originally from Texas, now living in Miami, Florida with my boyfriend. I am currently the Director of Communications at the ACLU of Florida, having previously worked on legislative campaigns, as a legislative aide at the Texas Capitol, and as an organizer at an HIV prevention organization. I graduated in 2008 with a degree in Radio TV and Film from the University of Texas.

More personally, I am gay, and I love Mexican food, both college and pro football, and movies.

This is a personal website – and as such, the views expressed here are mine and do not reflect those of any employer, organization, or group I may be affiliated with – which I use to share some of the things that excite me.

What excites me? Well, I’m a storytelling geek. That means I get excited about the whys and hows of good storytelling in the many forms it takes in the 21st century, whether that be a movie, a novel, a podcast, a political campaign, or a video game. I’m fascinated by exploring the way all of the technical facets of an effective media text come together to move an audience.

I’m also a writer, and although I love that my career gives me an opportunity to channel that into work that I am extremely proud of, I’m starting to get back into writing for pleasure.

So, expect an eclectic mix of content here: movie reviews, scene analyses, various Top 10 lists, and even the odd bit of fiction. The through line for most of it, though, is going to be me exploring how good stories are told well.

You can contact me at baylor dot johnson at gmail dot com.

Thanks for visiting!

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