The Great Sept of Baylor – Game of Thrones 6.03: “Oathbreaker” Recap

game-of-thrones-oathbreakerI worry that we’re entering the “flashback to the reason Jack has tattoos” phase of Game of Thrones.

So, for context, the last geeky, extremely serial adventure series that I watched obsessively every week and got really into was Lost. I loved Lost. The first podcast I ever listened to was the official Lost podcast. I was active on forums, I scoured wiki pages, I tried to suss out the mysteries. Lost was my jam.

But Lost, after two pretty solid first seasons, was starting to lose its way in Season 3, you could feel it. The single-character-centric flashback conceit that had defined the show was clearly running out of new and meaningful stories to tell about these by now well-defined characters. A bunch of new story threads and characters were being introduced. It became hard not to ask: “where is this all going?” Continue reading

The Great Sept of Baylor – Game of Thrones 6.02: “Home” Recap

carice-van-houten-kit-harington-game-of-thrones-home-01-600x350Better late than never!

The Great Sept is back to recap “Home,” the second episode of the sixth season of Game of Thrones.

Where the first episode was a pretty middling affair establishing where everyone is for the start of the season, this one was a little more all over the map, both geographically and in terms of quality. It has some excellent things in it which I liked a lot (including how they paid off the episode’s big final reveal), but also has several scenes which I found pretty weak, and one moment that I think is the worst scene Game of Thrones has had, possibly ever. Continue reading